Photo Archiving


            No matter how carefully you handle and store your photos, time and age will eventually cause them to fade and deteriorate. By scanning them into a digital format, you will preserve and protect one of your most irreplaceable possessions.     
           Once scanned, I transfer the digital photos to a memory stick that you supply. Please include names and dates if available for labeling. Also, please ensure that all pictures are sorted by size ( 3x5, 4x6, ect.. ), and in the order you want them to be scanned. There will be a fee assessed if the photos are not sorted.​

Pricing Per Photo Scanned:   
          $0.65 ea  @ 300 Dots Per Inch                        
          $0.85 ea  @ 600 Dots Per Inch

Slides and Negatives:

      ​​$1.00 ea @ 1200 Dots Per Inch
         $1.50 ea @ 2400 Dots Per Inch
           Up to 250                $25.00  
           250 - 1000              $80.00    
           1000 - 3000            $150.00 
Minor Restoration:
          Minimum $25.00 an hour.     ​

          There will also be an extra $0.15 per photo charge to remove photos from an album. Turnaround time is dependent on the number of photos to be scanned. Minor restoration includes removal of dust, scratches, and color enhancements. I use an Epson V550 scanner. The largest image it will scan is 8.5" x 11.7". Contact me for major restoration charges.
Minimum pictures scanned fifty.